Cake Bake Blitz TOP TEN in iTunes

YO awesome SHU Fans! Lillia here :)
So, if you thought Space Heroes Universe was wicked, have you checked out Cake Bake Blitz?! It's a deliciously awesome game jam-packed with yummy goodies and adventures! Best of all, it's FREE now on the iOS and android! It's created by the one and only Bubblegum Interactive :D (the masterminds behind SHU)

Recently, this fantastic app made an amazing new achievement... it recently just hit TOP TEN in the puzzle games category in iTunes! Wicked huh, but who can be surprised ;)
If you haven't played this awesome new app yet, what are you waiting for?! Let us know in the comments what you think about this awesome app! Also, you can get it on Android too! PEACE OUT heroes! ~Lillia


  1. Do we need Tango to play it? Cause when i finish downloading the cake bake blitz game and i click play, nothing happen. :(

    1. If you got the latest update, you don't need Tango to play!
      You can play with or without Tango.
      Hope it helped! :D

  2. Game under bake blitz - Angry Birds ( You know that if you play that in your tablet or Ipad )

  3. every one has a ipod or ipad I have Samsung tablet...

  4. Thanks for the help! Choc & Sally...


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