Official Jungle Party ON NOW!

Hey you crazy party animals!
Choc here with some unexpected news!

The annual Jungle Party has hit Space Heroes quite unexpectedly :D
Check out all the cheats below!

 Looks like the SHU team have redecorated the homepage JUST like last year! 
Check it out HERE

The RAW-SOME Jungle Party has gone of with a BANG!
The Reporter outfits are still available at Hero Mart for all members!

 You can still adopt these cute little Kritters at the Jungle Planet and feed them for a small amount of coins!

 And don't forget to explore the Jungle Planet...

...With your best buddies!

 There's also a new edition of the Galactic Times!

 There's also this weird glitch when your Hero name doesn't appear on your player card :o

So yeah!
I really hope you guys can make it to the Jungle Party!
I'll be on more often this weekend so stay happy and keep adventuring!



  1. i knew this since 2 days ago it started 2 days ago so it was super weird. Right when i came out of bowling and to the plaza it was completely decorated so i was like wtt what the tacos

  2. Why are they saying roar? Are they mutants?

    Remember ----->

  3. Space Heroes Universe

    To: Chocolate
    From: Sally

    I just saw this on SHU go to jungle planet and then jump down in the cavern and dip down in the grey water then find a seaweed covering a treasure chest. O M G! It's a hidden secret. Jungle Planet Party means: You explore and go wild in jungle planet and discover and explore hidden secrets and rare facts. True, I just did this one day before Thursday. B.t.w. the treasure chest was empty and it does not have anything -____-

    Happy adventuring and find more secrets from your party animal friend,

    Sally, November 15, 2013
    Signature and day messaged

  4. That no name glitch happened also to "PINKYROSE"


Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D