Interview with SHU Founder Phil Mason

Phil Mason, also known as "Alienphil" was the founder of Space Heroes Universe which he started back in July 2010. As the founder it seems fitting we have a final interview with him after this wonderful game has closed.

1. What happened to Space Heroes?

Basically the number of kids playing dropped to the point that the world was becoming too expensive to run, without the support of paid memberships. Generally this was because of the rapid rise of mobile gaming as a preferred platform and lack of flash support – meaning we couldn’t easily move to mobile. In the end, we had to make the tough decision to close the world, which we all really loved.

2. What was your favorite memories of Space Heroes Universe?

We’ll I think the team all have different memories, but I especially liked the parties, and just walking around and seeing everyone have fun. My favourite spot on the homeworld was the Bubble Blaster park and the Starstruck theatre – loved the band game and seeing the heroes performing. I also really liked eating pizza. Of course I also really loved blasting into space in my Starjet and battling the Nauts!

3. What feature did you like the most in Space Heroes Universe?

All the community features, anything that made it fun for kids to hang and play together. I also liked all the personalisation options, super fun to dress up your hero and create a persona. My all-time favourite through were the Glows and Pets… they were the best!

4. What inspired you to create Space Heroes Universe?

We wanted to create a story driven MMO for kids to explore and hang, and the idea of it being in space really was appealing given the endless themes and possibilities for locations and creatures.

5. What will you miss the most about working on Space Heroes Universe?

The fans.

6. Do you plan on releasing any new games?

We have released a bunch of mobile games, as the company has moved from flash MMO to mobile. These include Jetpack Jinx, Cake Bake Blitz, most recently All Stars Tennis in the App Store, Google Play and Amazon.

Bubblegum are just about to release an endless skateboarding game based on the cartoon Wild Grinders… with awesome action, and cool slow-mo and camera zooms

And the team are working on an epic CCG/hack and slash hybrid, call Neo Tokyo League of Samurai.

After that, I’m not sure what we’ll do… the team are currently working up new game ideas!

7. If you were to start again on Space Heroes, what would you do differently? 

Build it faster… we kinda missed the market by 12 months.

8. Do you have any idols?

My dogs… they are an inspiration, always so happy and selfless… bundles of fun!

9. Do you have anything else to add?

I can really say that myself and the team really appreciated all the love from the fans and our star players and bloggers. We always made a point of checking out your articles, videos and parties and it was really inspiring for us. We all wish you guys the best in your futures, you’re all super cool and awesome!

Thanks for the interview Phil!


Final Post?- Your memories, videos, goodbye

Hey space heroes! Unfortunately the wonderful world of SHU has come to an end... SO I am here for (probably) my final post. To start off I would like to quote some of your memories.

eaglecorey26- "Well its been so long and I had all this memorable times here in SHU. I still remembered how everyone blasted for adventure as updates and fixes the mods do to keep the game good and virtually fun.Well I myself got shocked and amazed when LSH or now called as SHU was first released.Now that a meteorite will hit the whole planet of our very homeworld I deeply from my alien heart a very very THANK YOU to all. Lets blast of for an adventure :')"

Justice Girl- "SO glad to have blasted off for this adventure with you all! Space Heroes has made us the heroes we are today. I wouldn't have discovered the magic of friendship if it weren't for this game. All the hard work the mods and staff who have been super meticulous did are DEFINITELY worth it. It is a game that we will remember forever...
Never stop exploring, my little space heroes! ;)"

Gold Alex- "Well i had a great time hanging out with my friends and mostly trunks he was awesome! as well as the authors as well! i loved the game and hopefully i can make it to the last time party. this is Gold Alex signing out!"

Samantha Blues- "My besties shall NEVA BE FORGOTTEN BEST MEMORIES EVA!!!"

Lol- "The blogging community and the fans was what I loved about this game. The interaction between the staff with the bloggers, and then the bloggers to the users was amazing to say the least. It's sad seeing how many nice people you meet within this game, and how you're never going to meet them again..." 

Lillia- "I know it changed my life for the better; it was because of this game I learned how to code, how to make graphics, how to blog, AND I made life-long friends that I still chat to to this day! I will seriously miss this game so much and I wish it could've gone further but the moderators worked hard up to the last second of designing, coding, and creating this AMAZING game! :("

Here is a video of SHU in 2012 made by Chocolate

Here is the video of space heroes in 2013 that I made.

And here is a video from Marionne to say farewell to the wonderful virtual world of SHU.

Thanks so much everyone for the wonderful memories of SHU!
For the last time (unless I post about Bubblegum Interactive mobile apps) This has been 

Space Heroes - Into the Virtual World

    SUP HEROES! Justice Girl here, posting to you some experiences I've had with Space Heroes.

Space Heroes was an extraordinary, phenomenal game. Usually huge fans (including me) should REALLY think about how far they've become playing this game, which really developed as the years travelled ahead.

Drawing dedicated to all Space Heroes
"The game introduced many innovative features into the virtual world space, and gave kids a fun and exciting way to have fun, learn about science and the universe and make new friends in a safe online community. The game achieved the highest ratings for quality and safety and won numerous awards. We were particularly proud that many of our team of designers, developers and artists got their first professional experience working on the game and we continue to be active proponents of the Australian game design and development community. We also enjoyed the opportunity to work with schools and universities to help give students an insight into the game development process." ~Space Heroes Moderator

Over one million heroes from all over the world signed up for this game, which made the game even more popular than ever. Ever since I was at a young age, I explored the world of Space Heroes and became addicted. My friends signed up to play as well as my brother, Justice Boy.

WARNING: Very long!
Little Space Heroes was discovered by me in early August, 2012. It was my first game ever to be played on a computer, and I got really excited about it. My hero name was called Linlin. It was during the Super Hero Party when I got a Premuim Membership. Unfortunately, that was RIGHT when Beta was over. Making friends was my first goal, so I jumped into chilling out with my new friends and partying. I found that the game needed a blog, so I managed to trip and land in front of a pretty awesome Beta blogger, called Lillia! When she introduced me to Adrian, Batman, Lol, Chocolate, Fizz, Super Ann, and many other amazing heroes I discovered three of the best websites ever to be created -Little Space Heroes Fansite, Chocolate Cheats, and Little Space Cheats. After that, I got into drawing and Little Space Heroes Fan Art. Then the time when Space Heroes Universe replaced Little Space Heroes's also changed Little Space Heroes Fansite into Space Heroes Fansite. Surprisingly, time flew by pretty quickly as I am now called Justice Girl (I changed my name a bunch of times! Some of them are Dark Mist, Watermelon, and Awesome). Blogging for Lillia and Lol, drawing Space Heroes, and helping heroes in game were what I did until now.

Space Heroes has made us the heroes we are. It is a game that we will remember forever...
Never stop exploring, heroes!

~Justice Girl

Last Time Party!

hey heroes!
I'm so sorry for the long wait but we've finally got the Last Time Party organised.

When: 28th January, 5:00pm  


Where: Plaza

Server: Milky waves

This party shouldn't go any more than an hour!

I'm putting a site below for you to convert to your local time, please have an adult help with this as it can be confusing!

Heres an example of converting AEDT to Los Angeles Time- 

Heres an invitation card made by Justice Girl-

I really hope that we can get as many people as we can to come, so spread the word heroes!


SHU Memories

Hey space heroes, Superkid here for one of the last posts to be posted before SHU closes.
I have decided to talk about memories of this amazing virtual world.
When I first started playing SHU on the 3rd of March 2012 it was just like any other virtual world to me but back then I didn't know how much of an impact it would have on me. My blogging carrier began when one day on SHU when I first met the famous blogger- Batman (from SHU Extra). I was so exited to finally meet one of the famous bloggers. Batman then told me to meet him on the old SHU Extra chat and on that chat we planned our own blog-Space Heroes Galaxy which like Extra closed down. Not too long after that I started climbing the blogger ladder and becoming more and more popular and blogging on more blogs like Extra, Fansite and Little Space Cheats. Unfortunately it seems like that exiting journey is has come to an end.
The best part of the Journey was meeting all of you Space Heroes, regular Players and bloggers alike and the secret chats we bloggers used to have on Skype.
I would like to name a few of the amazing people out there who helped me along the way: Adrian, Batman, Chocolate, Cozza, Guy, Lillia, Lol, Justice Girl, Super Ann and many many more.
Now that I am done rambling about my memories... 

Tell me in the comments bellow what your favorite SHU memories are and they will be featured in a future post!

Until next time

Happy New Year 2015!

Happy new year guys Pro here and say a big warm welcome to 2015! I got some awesome images to show you of the amazing fireworks lastnight

Those are the awesome images. Anyway have a restful 2015 stay safe. Thats the end of my post so ill see you guys later PEACE!