Interview with SHU Founder Phil Mason

Phil Mason, also known as "Alienphil" was the founder of Space Heroes Universe which he started back in July 2010. As the founder it seems fitting we have a final interview with him after this wonderful game has closed.

1. What happened to Space Heroes?

Basically the number of kids playing dropped to the point that the world was becoming too expensive to run, without the support of paid memberships. Generally this was because of the rapid rise of mobile gaming as a preferred platform and lack of flash support – meaning we couldn’t easily move to mobile. In the end, we had to make the tough decision to close the world, which we all really loved.

2. What was your favorite memories of Space Heroes Universe?

We’ll I think the team all have different memories, but I especially liked the parties, and just walking around and seeing everyone have fun. My favourite spot on the homeworld was the Bubble Blaster park and the Starstruck theatre – loved the band game and seeing the heroes performing. I also really liked eating pizza. Of course I also really loved blasting into space in my Starjet and battling the Nauts!

3. What feature did you like the most in Space Heroes Universe?

All the community features, anything that made it fun for kids to hang and play together. I also liked all the personalisation options, super fun to dress up your hero and create a persona. My all-time favourite through were the Glows and Pets… they were the best!

4. What inspired you to create Space Heroes Universe?

We wanted to create a story driven MMO for kids to explore and hang, and the idea of it being in space really was appealing given the endless themes and possibilities for locations and creatures.

5. What will you miss the most about working on Space Heroes Universe?

The fans.

6. Do you plan on releasing any new games?

We have released a bunch of mobile games, as the company has moved from flash MMO to mobile. These include Jetpack Jinx, Cake Bake Blitz, most recently All Stars Tennis in the App Store, Google Play and Amazon.

Bubblegum are just about to release an endless skateboarding game based on the cartoon Wild Grinders… with awesome action, and cool slow-mo and camera zooms

And the team are working on an epic CCG/hack and slash hybrid, call Neo Tokyo League of Samurai.

After that, I’m not sure what we’ll do… the team are currently working up new game ideas!

7. If you were to start again on Space Heroes, what would you do differently? 

Build it faster… we kinda missed the market by 12 months.

8. Do you have any idols?

My dogs… they are an inspiration, always so happy and selfless… bundles of fun!

9. Do you have anything else to add?

I can really say that myself and the team really appreciated all the love from the fans and our star players and bloggers. We always made a point of checking out your articles, videos and parties and it was really inspiring for us. We all wish you guys the best in your futures, you’re all super cool and awesome!

Thanks for the interview Phil!



  1. first comment-Wow right from the start I didnt know that he is the one behind all these.Stay cool Phil Mason oh I think neotokyo will be awesome.So yeah the meteorite already crashed in the homeworld,everything is gone,goodbye shu.

  2. It was really fun while it lasted and I made some AMAZING friends, went to Vivid, hosted some awesome giveaways and I even got to be on tv!! I'm almost 15 years-old now and I still love SHU :D
    I'll deffs miss it! >.<

    1. Yes, I like how Lol was able to get this final interview. It clears up everything.
      It has changed the lives of many people, including me.

      There must of have been a reason we all met in this virtual world called SHU. I hope we will be able to maintain our friendship for as long as possible!

  3. man....when i went back to space heroes,i cant find any of it,so i went to this blog,then i found heroes is gone....but i still have the memmorise of it. ive never say goodbye...ive never went to the last party...:( goodbye! i hope there willl be anothergame made by him agian but it would be like space heroes...bye :( ~rajataylor

  4. plz bring shu back :( - gold alex shu

  5. Very interesting post nice one lol!

  6. Very informative, keep posting such good articles, it really helps to know about things.

  7. this sucks i thought they were joking so i didnt go to the party mind making another one? because that was a sweet game

  8. i wanna try that other game though also what happened to my hero did the pets rebel?

  9. i remember the time when lillia licked my hairy ballsack and she said yum can i have some more then i gave her some more and she tried taking all my lemonade in return for all her milk

    ...........................................................................jake peace out

    1. ooooooh that sounded like fun lillia promised i could do that to her but then she lost all her milk i was wondering what happened but she looked so sad so i didnt press it i should of pressed her wink wink

  10. i agreed of course her milk was yummy i milked her like a cow she said mooooooo

    jake peace out

  11. Very informative, keep posting such good articles, it really helps to know about things.

  12. I still visit this site ALOT... I am literally crying... but... its time for me now... and forever.. to let go of this and move on... >:( I will cherish these memories, but not for long, no one can keep these kinds of memories for a long time. But ill keep them... as a token...-Bella Blizzard aka Samaria

  13. Tim Shaw - Super Kid (Jake)27 January 2016 at 16:09

    Nearly been a year since SHU has shut down! Whoaaaa Rest In Peace the game happy future

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