Lol's Membership Competition!

Hey heroes!
Choc here with some super awesome news that you non members are gonna LOVE hearing!
Fellow SHU blogger, Lol, is hosting a membership comp!
There's a one month and a 6 month membership to be won :O

 All you gotta do is Retweet the Tweet HERE ...

..OR comment on his Membership post about what you LURRRV about Space Heroes!
For the full info click HERE!
Good luck, heroes and have loads of fun!


  1. Another fun-filled competition for the heroes? Awesome! Thanks a ton Lol! :) Good lick and I look forward to helping!

  2. Did you meant good luck? Not good lick ~ Sally3 December 2013 at 16:12

    I'M SALLY!!!

  3. Shu name: Super Rambo (Angel Zara)
    username: Agent7074

  4. Hey Rambo. Aren't you one of Trinity's hackers? Why are you entering? :/

  5. haha
    for getting mem( i know to hack mem) but i dont want to hack someones membership

  6. I lurrrv everything about space heroes especially everything and the kritters it's so fun I'm was trying to find the perfect game that I used to play and remembered little space heroes I really want the membership user:samantha49

  7. I love little space heroes it is the best virtual world in the whole world I love it

  8. space heroes is awesome and a good game

  9. oh my god this my lucky day because the creators (who are the best like shu and lol) had made some thing awesome yet again and i am going to make you the most favorite person in the world if you give me the membership for 6 months i beg u


Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D