New Galactic Times Released

Heyy heroes! Lillia here :D
It's that time of month again, cuz there's another WICKED new 'Galactic Times' Newspaper released! And lemme just say, it's as awesome as ever! It's got the goss and awesome spoilers, like the upcoming SHU Cartoon! So what are you guys waiting for?! Go online to check it out today!


  1. Bring the nauts to JUSTICE!! LOL I like that sentence! Maybe the moderators thought of me when they wrote the Newspaper XD hehe! Anywayz EXTREME AWELOTNESS it's very amazing of the mods they are too talented! I love the talent alert page too! It is because everyone has differences ;) we recognize 'em! Wonderful post I was meandering around on your site and then POP! These posts came up and I am the first to comment WOOT!

    1. Bring the nauts to justice... yeah, that's a SUPER kewl line ;) and I think you might be on to something there! hehe


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