New secret agent starjets and gear

Hey secret agents, there is a new catalog at the Hero mart with 2 new pages.
There also is a new catalog at Sparky's Starjets. It has 3 new pages.
What is your favorite costume?
-Agent S


  1. And...... what here is for non-members? Nothing. I believe SHU is now all about the money, and caring less about non-members. Why not be more like AJ or CP? -.-

    1. If you dislike SHU, why not leave? It is your choice and SHU is not only caring about money. Some things are for non members, too. Look, Jungle planet and crystal planet are available for non members. In some other games there are Members Only planets. SHU is a virtual world for all people. And non members can play SHU for years and its free for them. Unlike us, we have to pay and they don't only care about the money we give them.

    2. Yup, that's SO true! And I agree it would be cooler if there was some sort of free item for non members in parties, I think a lot of people would LOVE that! But SHU has come a long way since last year... you could get furniture, any colour glow you wanted, no suits, not even an instrument! Just keep hoping, and I'm sure there'll be lots in store for nons soon enough ;)

      BTW! thanks SO much for the post superkid, it rocks!!!

    3. Atleast Lillia answered my statement in a kind way. Thank you.


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