Lol's Membership Comp WINNER!

Hey heroes, Lillia here :D I've got some awesome news for one very special hero!
As you probably all know, Lol had a membership competition not long ago for a one month game card! Well, now it's finished, and the winner is yet to be announced...

Firstly I just wanna say, don't worry if you didn't get picked! There'll ALWAYS be more competitions and everyone has an EQUAL chance of winning it. It was completely chosen at random, so lets give a huge congrats to.... *DRUM ROLL*
Have fun with your membership dude! It should be activated very soon :D I hope to catch the rest of y'all on SHU, for some spytacular fun! PEACE OUT!


  1. Good job PRINCE! And thank you to all the heroes who entered it - we know its random picking!

  2. CONGRATZ PRINCE :D and ikr Justice :)

  3. Thanks Guys!
    Appreciate it!

  4. thankyou very much ;') i like to be with u guys my god bless u :) ~prince


Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D