Space Heroes Universe SHUTTING DOWN!

HEY Everyone! It's been a while but... Lillia here!
I know I quit blogging quite a while ago, but I thought this definately deserves a post. I have some REALLY.... DEPRESSING NEWS for you all...

Space Heroes Universe is shutting down!!! 
I'm seriously so saddened by this news because we created so many amazing memories and friends on this game. I know it changed my life for the better; it was because of this game I learned how to code, how to make graphics, how to blog, AND I made life-long friends that I still chat to to this day! I will seriously miss this game so much and I wish it could've gone further but the moderators worked hard up to the last second of designing, coding, and creating this AMAZING game! :(

So, since we have a mere month left of game-play, I think we should all go online one last time and just embrace old memories :) If you guys EVER want to talk to old players, or want to stay in touch with your friends, all of us still talk on this chat here:

I'd say till next time heroes, but.... I think this will be the last time! Thanks so much for letting me come on this adventure-packed and exciting journey with you all :) I will miss you, Space Heroes Universe! ~Lillia


  1. Dear heroes,

    Space Heroes was one of the best of the best action-packed with adventure games, and I agree with my sis (Lillia) - it was a big part of my life. I had never made so many friends before, learned so much about Blogging and Technology, nor managed to be who I really am.

    All the moderators and staff have really done an amazing job. Mods like Ari and Nixi should be extremely proud...

    Space Heroes definitely proved us heroes that we can be who we want to be, and that it is okay to a bit playful. It is a game that contains a million stories. Not only the game was fun, Space Heroes became more and more amazing over the years.

    Embrace the friendship, take another step, adventure on, and help make Space Heroes burst with everlasting memories.

    I was hoping to help host a party, and if so I would need some help from you guys...

    Something every space hero needs to keep in their mind:

    "Brave heroes never stop looking into the future where gifts await, because the ones who look into the past cannot achieve something new, but are looking at how far they've become." ~Justice Girl

    Celebrate! I hope time drifts slow.

    1. Here's a letter from Space Heroes Universe:

      To: You
      From: Space Heroes

      After five years of intergalactic adventure, we’re going to be closing Space Heroes Universe. The game originally launched in 2011 and since that time over five million players have blasted off for an adventure in the highly acclaimed and multi-award winning game.

      The game introduced many innovative features into the virtual world space, and gave kids a fun and exciting way to have fun, learn about science and the universe and make new friends in a safe online community. The game achieved the highest ratings for quality and safety and won numerous awards. We were particularly proud that many of our team of designers, developers and artists got their first professional experience working on the game and we continue to be active proponents of the Australian game design and development community. We also enjoyed the opportunity to work with schools and universities to help give students an insight into the game development process.

      With the shift in gaming to tablets and mobile devices, the demand for rich, immersive story-driven games like Space Heroes continues but the platforms must adapt. For this reason we’ll be closing the game on 29th January 2015, however the Space Heroes Universe brand will continue on and we look forward to sharing exciting news about new mobile iterations in the future.

      Bubble Gum Interactive continues its focus on producing great creative games and we now have three mobile games available – Jetpack Jinx, Cake Bake Blitz, All Stars Tennis and our first licensed game, Wild Grinders Downhill Grind. In 2015 we’ll be releasing new titles and exciting updates to our games portfolio.

      From all the team who worked on Space Heroes Universe we thank you for joining us on an incredible adventure and we look forward to sharing more fun and delightful games with you in future.

      Let’s blast off for adventure!

      ------End of letter------

      So, what are you waiting for? You know! :)

    2. seriously?! I just typed in on bing space heros universe and nothing came up! Then I tried Google and this came up :( Im gonna miss u guys :'( I WAS LOOKING FARWARD TO PLAYING SPACE HEROS ;( Sorry a bit upset here :(

  2. Wow, this is not surprising at all :( I'm gonna really miss SHU now, I have had such a great time with all my friends and this game has been a blast :D I'm just starting to realise how much I'm gonna miss this game now ;l
    I can totally understand why this game has gone to an end and I can remeber the first time I played this game (12th August 2012) I remember some of my Best friends I had, they were: Sonic,Amy, Jest, Denise, Sugar, Candysteph, Amberstream, Papyjo, Widgie, and Violet(Voilet~ :3) I betcha that I'm going to cry soon after this game ends.

    Thank you Justice Girl for making this amazing post, which may be the last post of Space Heroes Fansite, and that's sad tomthink about since when this Blog started by Lillia D: And yes I go on SHUbloggers chat all the time so hopefully I meet some of my friends there ;)
    Anyway Thankyou Bubblegum Interactive for a great game
    (fyi sorry for major long comment X3 :P)

    1. Man, notice how I said "SOME" of my best friends? :D
      Yeah.. Err
      Anyway, you will always be one of my best friends :D (sis:3)

      I met you on this other game today, Y'know, Transformice :3 Anyway we saw each other xD

  3. OMG!
    I'm gonna miss this so so so much :'(
    Can I just say I've had the best two years ever with you guys!!
    Wahhhhh :(

    1. ahem the best TWO years oh iv'e been more than just 2 years iv;e been well um i think thts me 9 then wait after tht10 i think it nono wait umm thts 13 no it was 12 i think its around 2 years and a half

  4. Going to miss this game so incredibly much, kinda died inside :(

  5. This isn't suprising at all, theres a reason why its closing down, check my post

  6. Well, we must tell everyone who has already left what happened. I knew it would end like this a few months ago, but not so suddenly. Adrian must know this...
    I think SHU has been a very good experience. It particularly affected people like Lillia, Chocolate, Adrian, Lol and many others who were affected by them. I never knew that a game could make real friendships, affect so many childrens lives, and be the topic of so many awesome blogs. I myself wouldnt be here if I hadnt heard the radio broadcast on 2UE. I didnt come through Club Penguin or some other game. I came straight to SHU. And now, it is over. well, yes. I would like to thank all space heroes.

    In a way, I think SHU was created by its players. Without its great players, bubble gum interactive wouldn't have been able to create such a big game.

    I hope Lillia will keep this website running until it is all over.

    Again, thankyou everyone!

  7. OMG BUT I HAVE AN IDEA!!!!!!!! lets have a SHU friends PARTY! kinda like a friends party to celebrate to see friends again and also have great memories! When: January 1 (but change it if u want.) ill let u figure the rest out :)

  8. Its been so long.Woot if you started playing this game for 4 years.

  9. Will there be SHR (Space Heroes Rewritten)

  10. Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu D: Im gonna cry when it shuts down

  11. whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i LOVE space heroes..... but bad ppl and you know and... anyway where i am oh ya....... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO whyyyy
    i hate this cries

  12. space heroes was the best now its its cries...GONE! I LOVE SPAACCCEE HEHERORORO CRIES.. I LOVE YOU. P.S i am amanda carter in space heroes

  13. please answer my comment im stardarkstar in shu if you know me shout out to my b.f.f amanda carter please reply

  14. yeah its me stardarkstar please come to my house and do me in the bedroom also if you know we email me wink wink

  15. WWWHHHYYYYYYY!!!! U did all that amazing work for nothing?! :,( I miss space heroes and I just found out the sad news

  16. Why you did this
    it is the best game in the world
    and you broke it creaters
    now I lost all the best friends :,(
    send me why you shutted it


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