For old times sake

Well hello fellow space heroes
Hasn't it been a long time indeed aye? It's me Fizz and yes I know I haven't been round in a long long time.
I've decided that since hearing the news of SHU shutting down I at least owe it to myself to post one last time before the curtain falls on our time on this amazing game.
Yes we've all got to admit that space heroes isn't as it used to be which is very sad and I wish the game didn't have to close.
It broke my heart when I heard the news and even more so when I realized so many people will never get to experience what we've achieved. As I am an original player, it definitely hits home that what you grew up will, won't always be there. I've grown up with this game, I've grown up will Lillia, Super Ann, Chocolate, Ari, Nixi, Justice girl, Lol and so many other main players and its sad to see what we've bonded over go.
So to finish this off, in the coming weeks we will be planning an end of party to be held in Janurary!


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    1. I know the party's going to go REALLY well! I can also help with the schedule and invitation card if you guys need me to :D

  2. Jake Marsh RIP 2000-201524 December 2014 at 18:21

    Wow, if I miss this party in 2015 then I'm gonna kill myself D: If i DO miss it then !@$&#%? me :D
    Happy feeling ;) Jk.. Anyway again, if I miss it then someone make me a grave and write: RIP: Jake Marsh
    2000-2015 He was a lovely guy who lived in Victoria Australia and then died somehow but idk how he died bc apparently he commited suicide but who knows :P

    Good bai.

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