Another Glitch? Level Zero Glitch

Hey Guys!

When I was exploring planets on SHU I saw a VERY strange glitch! I saw someone with no level! I fear a hacker has been into this account and done this.... This is why to keep your login details absolutely private! Do not tell your details to: ( Credit to Sally for letting me know! )

  • Moderators ( They Already Know Your Login because they have marked your login details because you registered that account!
  • Trusted Friends! ( Trust me don't trust anyone they can suspend it for entertainment which is TOTALLY wrong and unfair
  • Hackers! ( TrinityBSH , Super Rambo!) 
  • This will shock you but don't tell your details to Me!
You may tell your login to your parents because they are very trustworthy!

Stay Safe Heroes!


  1. Jake Aka SuperKid from SHU18 May 2014 at 15:22

    WOW BRANDON! I love how your name spins around over and over and over etc..... THATS COOL! Oh and YA GUYS DONT SHARE YOUR LOGIN DETAILS TO STRANGERS. Only trusted adults or people you know. If not, then you will Suffer being hacked XD JK :D BUT YEAH, JUST DONT OKAY GUYS? You wont like it if someone hacked you... :)

    Jake Aka Super Kid

  2. my account is been hacked and i never told anyone my login but someone guessed it and i cant believe moderatoras know our login AHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAH WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!111

    1. its probably because u have someone who dislikes you. usually if someone is a bad person and is all snobby they have a more likely chance to get hacked because they will have more haters and some haters can be hackers

  3. Even z0mbie alex is 0n level zer0 !


Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D