Can't Access SHU!

Hey SHU lovers!

When I was bursting into SHU to find out what was going on. It gave me the old loading screen ( Picture 1 ) . I waited exactly 1 hour 22 minutes and 32 seconds but it was still loading. This means SHU is going under massive changes! Remember this happened when SHU released new pets?! Maybe something else cool is going to happen! However, a hacker might have broke into the moderators coding system and has prevent anyone from accessing it. If you have paid for your membership I recommend cancelling it as this can last a very long time and you have not used your membership. If you have paid by game card or a yearly pass that is fine because a game card lasts forever and a years membership is 365 days and I don't think that an update can last that long. If you don't know how to cancel your membership ask your parents and tell them. If you go on if you scroll down you will see this:

Click Refund Policy and do the things it tells you to cancel your membership.

Stay Cool Heroes!



  1. Yeah ive been waiting for 1 hour and still doesnt work i was on chat and rambo said shu is dead and then he said if it was a update it would 1 hour or 2 so i think its been hacked

  2. I give credit to Justice cam(in my opinion). This morning he told me :P

  3. i tried this ! OMG you too!!!!!!!!! lol i thought it was like.... forever

  4. Jake Aka SuperKid from SHU31 May 2014 at 20:34

    Yeah, its surely not a hacker It would more likely be an update? I'm not entirely sure because yeah. it happened to me once, but one day later SHU was as perfect again :D So about 99% chance that its just updates cause it has happened to me before. Nice work Brandon! Honestly, you are definitely improving on what you say on this blog. (you know what I mean :P) And how you say it XD

    Jake Aka Superkid

  5. Hey brandon, Btw that wasnt me who said the jupiter crystal thing about her being a hacker . and Yeah I agree with you, I totally doubt shes a hacker. :)Just reminding!

    Jake aka Superkid


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