SHU Plush Toys News

Hi heroes, Cozzza here,
I have some amazing news for you all! SHU are now taking pre orders for the plush toys, they will be shipped in early march globally! So no matter what country you're from you have a chance to obtain  these goodies. You can pre-order them from Tayami HERE.
Pre-order COST:
£12.99 (GBP)
€15.74 (Euros)
$21.60 (US dollar)
$24.11 (Aus Dollar)

If you buy one of these awesome toys, you will also be rewarded with a code that will give you a FREE VIRTUAL ITEM for your hero! So, don't forget to buy your OWN awesome plush toy before they all run out!

Sorry, if there are any mistakes and if it's a little bit of a short post. I am in the car on the way home do I will add pictures and find out some more info for you all!
Party on, cozzza


  1. Hey Tilly~
    Secret Pepper :)

  2. I can't afford the US one! I'm not allowed to spend that much money.. :(

  3. Wow thats alot of money for some toys O.O

  4. yeah just a soft toy and lots of money


Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D