My space hero's birthday party

Update: The party is now over thanks to all who came. I will post the pictures soon.
Hey space heroes, the day I started SHU is coming up so I have decided to throw a party on the 1st of March. I started SHU on the 3rd of March 2012 but I did not play SHU much till half way through the year. I did not start with the name Superkid. I decided the change my name after I saw that Batman did. The party will be at 4:30am GMT. I will around to different rooms and pads. You will be able to track me on my twitter account.
See you there! Comment bellow and tell me if you are coming.


  1. I THINK i'll be able to make it :D I sure hope so! SOUNDS AWESOME! can't wait :D

  2. Hey Superkid!
    I will make it if you give me some date info. If you don't mind, can you help me calculate the time, date and month for the party for Massachusetts, USA? Thanks and HAPPY 2nd YEAR OF SHU AWESOMENESS!! :D

    1. It is 23:00 (11:00 PM) on Friday the 28th of February.

    2. I can make it cuz I dont have school after Friday WOOOO!!

  3. um i hope i can come. i will be online in March 1st and i will probaly make it. See you there if i could!

  4. Lillia don't you have like a lists of glitches in this blog?? that's what i was looking for, or those glitches are somehow the TRICKS page??


Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D