EXCLUSIVE SHU Collectible Items

YO YO heroes! Lillia here!
Firstly, I just wanna say a HUGE thanks to Rose! She found this and then told me about it soon after :D though I'm sure many of you other heroes have seen this already XD here it is anyway.. when you go to your journal in SHU, and click the Party pages, you find THIS:

These are the collectibles I've already gained! You can get these exclusive items by purchasing Trading Cards in Australia's local newsagent stores, and also by buying Plush Toys online HERE! SUPER cool huh?! My favourite so far is totally the Secret Agent Homepad... you  can check that out here! You have also probably seen some of these other goodies in Justice Girl's previous post, here. I will have exclusive pictures of these goodies on the rare-items page soon! What do YOU guys most of all so far?! and how many 'trading card collectibles' have you guys obtained? 
Till next time heroes! ~Lillia


  1. Np lillia i do want to help you with the blog by just telling xD

  2. I wish i had these things.....

  3. Lillia when will they have the party when all non members can buy what members can again?
    i want to see it last time i was'nt there because of a wierd glitch! the background black thingy glitch
    i really want to buy some besides i've been playing SHU since 2010 or 2011 i think but until today i haven't been a memeber yet even if i'm already level 25 so i wanted to have every member outfits,hairstyles,jetpacks,starjets,pets etc Hmm also i wondered why does some hero has the spy outfit? the color orange. and someone with a member hairstyle? but both of them are non members??? please answer ALL of my questions

  4. hey i wish i had those im in us i hope they come soon -smasher lion aka sergio


Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D