Hey heroes, Lillia here!
Since its the holidays aaand I have MUCH more free time, I've spent a lot of time on SHU lately, AND you wouldn't guess what I discovered!

It looks like the SHU mods are doing a couple tests before releasing the hugely fantabulous Christmas Party, and due to this I activated one of the features (it's a glitch of course, only some people could do it)! Which could mean only one thing... it's gonna be released SUPER soon! Check this out:
You can turn people into SNOWMEN! I can say for sure that all of you will have this feature once the Xmas party has been released, and some of you might even remember it from last year! Not EVERYONE has access to this feature yet, but if you wanna double check, here's how to use it!

Hover over your bubble blaster, AND if you're lucky, there'll be a little button above it in the shape of a snowball! Click that, and you'll have activated the SNOWBALL BLASTER! Cool huh? Comment if any of you guys have this same glitch on your hero too! TILL NEXT TIME HEROES! Party on! ~Lillia :D

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  1. Awws you're totes lucky I can't activate the snowball blaster! But I hope I can 'til the REAL and SANTASTIC Xmas Party! I can't believe it xD Mind if ya post this on my new blog too? http://www.spaceheroesessentialhandblog.blogspot.com Thanks Lillia you rock! LYLAS! hehe


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