Space Heroes PLUSH TOYS!

Heya heroes, Lillia here :D
Space Heroes Universe won't JUST be virtual for much longer... you'll find them all over the market too, with awesome new Space Heroes plush toys heading your way! Are you guys excited as me?!? First the trading cards, now plush toys too... and you know what? I think that they'll come with SPECIAL PROMO CODES too, but can't be sure! Just a hunch ;)

What type of plush toys would you heroes like to see?! And what OTHER types of toys would you love to buy that's Space Heroes Universe themed? I know I'm sure loving this idea, and it's gonna be top on my to-do list when they hit Australia! But for now, looks like they're arriving in the UK first! Check out this tweet I found:

Darn I'm sure jealous of you lucky UK heroes xD stay tuned for some WICKED sneak peek pics ;)
Till next time rocking heroes! ~Lillia :)

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  1. cool i hope they come to the philippines soon


Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D