Happy HEROween!

Heya guys :D  Lillia here!
The day you've finally been waiting for... IT'S ALMOST HERE!! Yup that's right heroes, I'm talkin about HALLOWEEN! Or as some like to call it, Heroween ;) I hope you guys like the way we've decorated the Fansite! Credits to pookie for helping out with the banner :D I also wanna say a HUGEE thanks to all you awesome fans who've always visited the SHU Fansite :) and so I've made a little something for y'all, from the Fansite Crew!
Hope u guys like it xD and I also wanna say an extra special thanks to the Fansite crew for keeping our blog up-to-date with all the awesomeness of SHU, while I've been on holidays and busy with exams! Seriously, you guys have helped me out HEAPS XD

I hope to catch you guys online... for some EXTRA SPOOKTACULAR FUN!! Party heroes say YO! ~Lillia ^.^

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  1. FINALLY I'M IN IT! I'm going to turn guys you into an ant.

  2. Lillia how can I sign up to pick a membership comp winner? :) Please reply and Thanks a bunches!
    Happy Heroween heroes! Have a spooktacular awesome and fun party :D


Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D