A Party Within A Party

hey heroes!
So sorry i haven't been posting for a long time, i've had ALOT of stuff going on.
ANYWAY! How awesome is this halloween party hey?! Incredible i say! But did you know you can be invited to partys? Within the Halloween party? awesome right!?
Today while i was on, an invitation got sent out from the mods to head on over to the Moon Rock Disco to get our party rocking selves on! While celebrating halloween!
Heres some pics.

Awesome right?!
Stay tuned for heaps more posts about the halloween party!
Happy Heroween Everyone!


  1. Awesome that you're back, Fizz!!
    I seriously wish I was at this party!

  2. i was at the party i am in the first pic but barley sawn right on top of Bethanthy XD it was AWSOME! ~Bebe

  3. ITS CHOCOLATE YOU SENT ME PRESSIES!!!i wish i was there too


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