Fashion Party!

Hey heroes, Super Ann here! It's been a while since I've posted but...  the Fashion Party is finally here and it looks great! 

I'll start off this post with the Fashion Party Badge which looks awesome!

Then we need to get our costumes ready!

Get into the fashion groove with these epic costumes!

Style your hair with these heroic hairdo's!

Show off your modelling skills on the cat walk (which is located in the plaza near the Hair Salon)!

And... last but not least, party in these awesome pools with your friends! There is one in the Plaza and Coast.

This party is awesome! I hope you guys all enjoy the party like I am right now. Have fun showing off your costumes!
-Super Ann


  1. You For got About the newspaper xD

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  3. Lol sorry SuperAnn wrong post I commented on!
    Please can you visit my blog aswell?
    If not thats fine :D

  4. Good o' cookie :) enjoying the PARTAY! xD


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