Stop Bullying!

Hey guys! Real Justice Girl here with some bullying tips!

I just wanted to share a few pics of how-to stop bullying:  

Those tips might be good when you go around SHU. Anyone breaking the Hero Code should be ignored or reported!

Justice Out space heroes! Don't forget to be 'awe lot'! 

~Justice Girl ;) AKA early birthday girl


  1. did you draw that girl justice?

  2. Justice, Great point! I like that post and I'm not bullying and I'm ALWAYS following those hero codes but why I'm NOT getting those Purple Jackets? I just like those drawings... You're a great artist!


  3. awh that is the SWEETEST thing eva!! And you're totally right Justice :D heroes are all about helping to make the galaxy safe ;)
    btw, ur drawings are INCREDIBLE!


Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D