1 Month Membership Giveaway!!

~DIFFERENT MEMBERSHIP COMPETITION (not the same as the previous mem comp post!)~
Hey heroes, Cozzza here with ANOTHER membership competition!
Are you sick of being a non-member on SHU? Do you wish you were a member? Want a 1 month membership? You do! Great. SHU Cheats is having a giveaway for just that! Their business cards have arrived they want to celebrate, with YOU! So enter the giveaway for a chance to win. (This giveaway is free to enter. There are no costs involved. At all.) a Rafflecopter giveaway Good Luck heroes, Cozzza out!


  1. Epic I sined up I wish I win =D
    LOL first comment I mean lOl

  2. You know guys "I DONT NEED MEMBERSHIP" the one who enter and they dont win and blame then get mad are bad,members and non mems are just the same but members get many things. ITS NOT ABOUT GETTING MEMBERSHIP ITS ABOUT HAVING FUN WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND BEING AWESOME (AND HAVING PIE FOR LILLIA xD)....Now you guys should all remember that :) Peace Out

  3. I thought Lillia already posted this? But still awesome post cozzza ;) the information up there is so helpful!
    P.S. I'm using my mother's laptop to play SHU. That is because i'm in Cape Cod and away from home...

  4. hullo u may not know me but im the bro of lisa...
    lisa is currently on vacation for 3 days
    so i was wandering if i could win please?
    i never win memberships and lisa won't tell me her hero account :'(
    so please! let me win! im ur bff lillia!
    i may not be popular but please let me win!
    ~Bff of LILLIA

  5. what happen to other one why you change it? about say username and random pick relpy Lillia?


Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D