SHU Academy in RUINS!

Heyy guys... guess what?! I'm here with ANOTHER sweet Secret Agent party sneak peek!
The moderators sent in this exclusive picture of the Space Heroes Academy, totally in ruins! What could have possibly happened here?! I suspect it has something to do with those pesky nauts, and I think we're going to need YOUR help more than ever, when the party hits (most likely some time in August)!

Anyways, check out this pic!
Crazy huh?! Do you think we're gonna have to gear up for some sort of undercover battle?!
STAY TUNED for more awesome sneak peeks!
~Lillia :D


  1. Look there is a crashed naut ship next to the academy and one on top. Also there is a green flag on the academy.

    1. And some stuff from the Super Hero party like the traps, the bombs and the purple bubble gum.

  2. Hey! I didn't do those little bubblegum blobs! I'm not a villain! Well, i'm always in a villain COSTUME but that doesn't mean i'm a villain - i'm disguised as one though ;D

    Aaand OMG!! The Secret Agent Party is hitting us on August?! That's when my birthday hits too! I'm so excited for both the awesomeness!

    BTW Lillia, Choc, Fizz and Ann I thought about you guys and how you awesome SHU fans would look like in real life - idk why I did that xD but I had a DREAM last night about meeting you guys in life and in SHU. OMG SQUEEEEEE!!

    Sooo. I expect that this comment is gonna flood over everywhere aaaaaah! Err soz is that ok?? Cause, here's the whole story!

    I went to sleep last night without my blanket on - cuz it's like 93 degrees out! The air conditioner was on so I didn't really get enough sleep.
    After about 10 minutes, I felt weird and went into a deep sleep.
    In a sudden, I was whipped through the Space Heroes Universe. I saw millions and zillions of space heroes on the ground, on the clouds, everywhere! Then, I saw you guys there! Lillia, Choc, Fizz, and Ann all together and all dressed up in their unique suits for the first time. It was in SHU not in real life.
    Ace and Kira were on a luxury title together and waving to everyone (...). All of the sudden, bright became dark. There was this naut balloon floating around (...) and it grabbed the luxury title with its hands which made Ace and Kira fall onto the ground with crowded space heroes (...). I realized it was time to transform into a disguised villain! I suddenly automatically transformed into the disguised villain (...). I flew swiftly to the fat xD naut. I said: Hey you! yes you! What up? Do you hate bubblegum?
    So then I loaded myself with huge blobs of purple bubblegum (I didn't do that to the academy!!) and blasted the witty naut in the face xD! Everybody eyed me and cried crazily and happily (even Ace and Kira LOL!!) as the witty naut made a 'POP!' sound (...).
    Everyone, even you, Lillia and her company followed me as I led them to a big white building (???). The huge amount of space heroes including me, like just magically turned into HUMANS like in real life humans! OMG?! I explored around the building with Lillia Choc Fizz and Ann. We each carried a bag with bathing suits in it xD so after some guards scanned us, one of the guards gave each of us a pair of secret agent neon shoes, secret agent neon belts, and secret agent neon glasses (related to the upcoming party THIS IS WICKED!)! So me and Lillia just meandered around to the INDOOR POOL PLACE (whaat!?) and jump in (...) with our bathing suits on. I don't even know how to swim in real life but I did in this awkward dream xP Chocolate, Fizzablista, and Ann just watched. After playing in the pool for half an hour, Me and Lillia and her company ran toward the exiting door with a huge amount of Space Heroes FANS... we had to put on our secret agent neon things. Only me and Lillia and her company had those neon things! I was suddenly the FIRST in line. I didn't know what the guard was saying! So I told him that I don't understand, and ask him if I could HELP him. He replied sure... so I totes was like omg what if I did something wrong. The guard told me to give out BAGS OF CANDY to everyone (...). I was so bust looking in each bag that I didn't even know that Chocolate was the next in line. The guard hushed me to find Choc's bag and I did find it! "CHOCOLATE SPACE HERO!" I yelled. Chocolate ran up to me and said Thanks justice!

    After that, I blinked and leaped up from my bed.
    10 seconds later...

    "MURVIN!?! OH MURVIN!!!" It was 5 o' clock in the morning.

    I still wanted to go back to the awkward, impossible dream xD!!

  3. Lol justice that was a funny dream lol I had a weird dream but I'm gonna email u it.


  4. yeah this party is in augest haha im not waiting anymore for any parties i quit shu too tired of waiting ugh cant we have a short break after a party then move to a new one? well im going back to club penguin or stardoll maybe minecraft peace out peeps tht probs dont even know who i am but i dont care see ya maybe when halloween party comes trolling along lol-niki

  5. Err... niki you JUST want that princess costume! xP I know that - BUT why are ya leaving SHU? And going back to those weird (in my opinion) games like club penguin and minecraft? You don't get tired of waiting unless you don't like the party - so I WANT you to come but if you don't want to just ignore it! It's gonna be really fun there you know!! My BFFs fans awesome silly yappy happy heroes are gonna be there. You don't say 'haha' just to me like that (...)


    I can't wait! Right everyone?!


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