Another Secret Agent Party TWEET

Hey heroes Chloe here!
As you can see the secret agent party is so close and there is a tweet showing heroes in awesome agent costumes here it is

This is making me more excited about the party!
Comment what you think about this



  1. Those costumes make me feel like I can walk up to Shadowbot, blab at him for 30 hours, and whack him on the head with a 100 pound spike-ball.

    Wait, I haven't posted for a long time, I never got a chance because everybody looked at the tweets first :/ and I know i'm always in bed when you guys post!

    Everyone lives in different places! But we all live on planet earth!

  2. sweet headgear and i love the girls outfit im getting it for sure in red but :'( wahhhhhhhh i wanted fedora!!!!!!!!!!!!!!but still omg i love the girls boots too!-niki

  3. Im so excited these r so cool

  4. I hope the costumes are for non members too :/


Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D