Secret Agent Party Pin Sneak Peek!!

Hey heroes!
Choc filling in for Lillia, who has gone away for a short bit.
Don't worry, she'll be back VERY soon!

So anyways, I'm posting here to show you a Secret Agent Party SNEAK PEEK!!!
Thanks to Lol, I've got this sweet party pin pic (tongue twister alert!) to show you guys..

That pin is so cool and official-looking!
Okay guys, I've been hearing some of you complaining about how SHU keeps going offline for updates and how the Secret Agent Party isn't released yet ETC...
You heroes just have to be patient, because TRUST ME, these updates are SOOO gonna be worth it! :D
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be patient with the SHU team as they don't have a million hands to work on the updates. They've been working SO hard lately, so when the updates come around, thank the Mods!

Anyways, comment your thoughts on the sneak peek!
Have fun, heroes!



  1. WOW!!! that badge is totally epic!!!
    0MG!!! im so excited....ooh nixi!!! tell me that they are still working for the party!!!

  2. I was gonna fill in for Lillia :3 but AWESOME POST CHOC! I was very patient for the update and I haven't played SHU for 2 weeks :( but I know the update is gonna be worth it!

    Go Space Heroes!!

    1. Oh woops, sorry Justice :S
      How about we BOTH fill in for her :)

  3. i somehow got on shu this week and last week it was boring though barely nobody was online! shu somehow was working for like five minutes then went completely offline again and the game shut down but people who were logged in were fine and could keep playing the game. i still really really really wanna know what the agent costumes look like when your wearing the outfit and will we get secret agent phones maybe anyways the pin looks way cool cant wait literally im very impatient oh well! im just afraid if i will play a game and then play it forever and forget about shu so i made like ten sticky notes and put them on my wall and im sooooooo happy today because my mom is making me a stuffed doll hero of my space hero wearing my pink belt with pig tails that r brown my mom is gonna try to put a hair bow and the nonmember space suit on it my moms great at crotcheying stuffed animals

  4. Omg that badge is so super cool! RARE! I really can't wait for that party to come! :D

  5. i havent been on for 2 months idk what shu looks like now



Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D