Secret Agent Party STARJET Sneak Peek!

Hey again heroes, Choc here :3
And before you ask me, YES Lillia is STILL away.
She'll be back in a few weeks, luckily :D!!
So anyways, back to the awesomeness..
SHU has Tweeted a sneak peek of a super spy Starjet coming to the Secret Agent Party!
That looks SO SO SO cool!
And boys, don't worry.. they'll DEFINITELY be different coloured Starjets at the Secret Agent Party!!
So tell me, guys..
What do YOU hope to see at the Secret Agent Party?!
Comment your thoughts!!



  1. Hey awesome pic, Choc! Love it... lol i hopw that starjet is for non members too :P

  2. What nice starjet! I'm another one to first comment on this post :3 I love it! I should've found out those sneak peeks...

  3. That's soo cool chcoc thanks for the news =D ~Bebe~

  4. OMG Choc I ♥ you you explained it :3

  5. I can't wait to head online and buy this!! :D And thanks for the post choc, I LOVE it!


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