Safety Alert!

Heyy there heroes! Lillia here!
I just wanna spread a VERY important message to all you heroes out there, involving internet safety! Lots of you have been sharing accounts, thinking it's okay, but there are consequences! Even if you share something as simple as your email address, you could get hacked, along with your hero. Also, be careful  when talking to people in chats that you don't know in real life. Do NOT share any personal details! If you do, your hero could:

1. Risk suspension (sharing heroes is against the rules!)
2. Your login details could spread to more people (trust me, this has happened before!)
3. The person you gave it to might suspend it just for entertainment, which is TOTALLY wrong and unfair.
4. They could spend all your coins or remove your buddies from your list

 If this has happened to you, then change your password ASAP! To do this, just head to the login page, and click 'login as another hero', till you get to THIS page! Then just click 'Forgot Username / Password'

After you enter your details, a password/username reset link will be sent to your email. If you don't have access to the email you used to create your account, ask your parents for some help!

SPREAD THE WORD!! And remember, keep your personal details and login details SECRET!
~Lillia :D


  1. THNKS!!! for telling us BTW in facebook GIANNE tell me that, can she borrow my hero!!! if u know this "GIANNE" beware of him!!!

  2. Ikr Lillia! Most of my space hero friends ALWAYS share their personal info :S it's getting extremely annoying! Once I almost got tricked with a bad hacker and had to change my password. Plenty of space heroes were very curious on the chat and they keep asking each other what their passwords and usernames are!

  3. Yeah! Gianne keeps hacking people's account in shu! He or she idk hacked mine before. But thanks to Lillia who help me slve that hacking thing. Thank you, Lillia... once again :) ur my bff forever!!! :D

  4. yeah IKR guys... if you see anyone called Gianne on facebook or xat, do NOT give him/her your account. That dude seriously asks me EVERY day for mine, and already my friends have started blocking him :/
    I'm pretty sure he's been suspended once from what I've heard! :S

    1. Gianne is a dude but he uses a girl account

  5. Lillia i did keep my hero account secret but still the fake Ari in Facebook been using my Alyssa account and my other account to i promise you i DIDN'T tell that fake Ari :( I'm so sad :( Plus Gianne is so bad he told his account to me and i didn't use it...he/ she should be banned and i don't play SHU anymore i'm not banned but i don't want to use my account anymore.

  6. Safetey Tips SHU8 July 2013 at 15:52

    Remember: People who ask for accounts are hackers so if you see someone asking your account find a Moderator online then report the hacker or if no Moderator online just ignore it...

    There we're people who are hackers
    5.Kelly ( Okay we're sorry for that but she stopped hacking heroes now)
    6.Logic Jedi
    8.I ( She did not space and space she typed one letter and submitted the name)
    9.Trinity <3
    Those are 9 hackers we have to BANNED them!

    1. Wait, how you know? In Facebook MANY Shu players start to share accounts and giving away like Gianne and the fake Ari... guys if you have Facebook account you MUST be careful because shu hackers might hack your account and the hackers pretend to be someone else like a moderator. It is weird that Gianne use girls account i dont think Gianne is a girl. Is she really a girl?

    2. Cause i'm the one who is comenting as Safetey Tips SHU and i'm making a team.

    3. But Sally how you know all the people that started hacking?

    4. Cause I saw those people in SHU.

  7. Ok so today i was gonna start hacking because i wanted the princess costume and witch costume from halloween so flipping bad i went to the site then i was like what the fudge am i doing to i clicked out of the site and went back to playing the game with my bffs im NEVER going to hack i can wait til next halloween....WAH!!!-niki

  8. Hey Lillia its me justice, some people just guess account with a random name like frank and the password the same i saw a quite of videos on youtube people doing that

  9. Replies
    1. Easy to change it go to and then click play now then log in as another hero then click
      forgot name and password?


  10. I have to keep doing that : ( and it still wont work waaaaaah : (


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