hey guys!
fizz here!
I'm sure u guys have noticed about the NEW squad option on SHU! so i'm here to chat up bout it! Well first theres 4 new squads! On the squads u compete to get on top of the leader board which you'll find in the academy-
I've mainly choosn aquanauts! ALIENS ALL THE WAY BABY! anyway! U should get asked wat u want to join (if u haven't already joined) by one of the characters! (the guy in the jacket that looks like ace) And once you've joined, u can view how ur teams going in the academy here-
 If u want to change ur squad just click the desk too!

And once you've joined up u get a special JACKET!
So heres a list for u guys too! And thats all the jackets u get on diff squads!
And each squad is made to match ur personality! 
hoped this helped guys!
more news coming soon!


Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D