New Room Released: BATTLE BALL!

HEY HEROES! Lillia here!
There's been a REALLY AWESOME new feature released on SHU! And yep, I'm talking about Battle Ball! This is an awesome interactive game that ALL heroes can join in with by kicking a ball around a field, KINDA like soccer B) so if you're a sport fan, you'll DEFINITELY love this update! You can find it HERE:

AND, BEST OF ALL, you get to represent your team with the new SQUAD UP feature! Cool huh?! Check out this sweet pic:
One thing is for sure: IT'S SUPER FUN to play! :D ESPECIALLY when teaming up with your friends ;)
Comment what YOU like most about this new feature!
BATTLE ON heroes! ~Lillia

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  1. Can i ask a question?
    why will the blue team put it on the red team is it suppose to be on the blue base??


Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D