New graphics page!

Hey guys! Fizz here,
I'm proud to announce the official release of my new graphics page! WOO HOOO!
Its called "Fizz's Graphics corner" and its where u guys get to send me special orders for specific graphics. These graphics r Anime and manga graphics! So far i'm only able to do boys so far, but they will eventually come soon enough and please be aware that i might not be able to get them all done i one go cause of skool.

If u guys want to find out more head on over to my page and read the info by clicking HERE!

Hope u guys like it!


  1. Whoa it's going REALLY WELL so far! We've got about 4 orders :D WOO HOO!
    Keep the orders going heroes! It'll be a blast working on these new graphic designs!


Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D