Log Out Bug

Today while I was login out of Space Heroes, I saw this thing that keep happen to me. When I log out, I don't see a sign about the VIP Club opening for everyone. Instead I saw this picture.
Have this happen to you? Comment below!


  1. Hmm... FanTABULOUS!! xD LOL that has NOT happened to my before BUT one time it didn't say that the VIP club was opening for all heroes. Instead it said: PLEASE COME BACK AGAIN and a secret promo code xD

  2. THAT'S SO WEIRD!!!!!!!!
    But then again, I've seen weirder xD
    I'm at school right now and i'm ditching sport to comment this hehe!!

  3. lol you r funny Lillia

  4. It already happen to me of that bug


Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D