Battle Cards: Upcoming SHU Game!

HEYA HEROES! Lillia here!
I've got some breaking news on a totally exciting new game coming to Space Heroes Universe REAL SOON! And yeah, I'm talking about 'BATTLE CARDS' :D If you've noticed, there's a bunch of new badges you can win, and the 'Battle Card' badges give you a bit of a clue ;)

I've also got a WICKED sneak peek of what the badges could look like, which I found on Little Space Heroes Extra! (total credit goes to them!!) CHECK IT OUT...
Now IDK about you guys, but I think it sounds SUPER FUN!! What do YOU guys think this game might be like?! I recon it might be similar to Club Penguin's 'Card  Jitsu'! 
STAY TUNED for more epic updates and upcoming info!! ~Lillia


  1. yup!!! thats right Lillia!!! i play club penguin!!! but some card jitsu can be only found in the secret dojo if u want to get there u need to defeat sensei i defeated him very a few years ago but osme penguins just enter there but they haven't defeated sensei yet. some card jitsu need to be bought or buyed on some stores on toys r us and there is a code its a treasure code like if ur a non member and want a member dress or hair or shoes u need to buy a toy on toys r us that belong to walt disney club penguin then type down the code.... well i buyed one of them but seriously i only buy one card jitsu code and one toy code/treasure book code coz they r expensive im a filipino and its only bought on manila and other places but not in pampanga coz tht toy and card jitsu code was given by my uncle and auntie from america going to philippine pampanga they returned back to america they just stayed for 3 days then went back so i wish they will come back in summer and bring back some codes i miss my penguin!!!!!
    becoz it was banned for 3 days for saying a bad word srry guys cant say it or ill be banned here tooo and the author cant accept it and i very hardly typed this down... just gonna online my penguin if it worked :) or maybe not :(

    1. WHOA WHOA that's a lot of writing haha!
      LOLZ, I'll bet ya that Space Heroes Universe's Battle Card game is gonna be 10 TIMES MORE FUN! ;)
      So get excited!

    2. awwwwww thanks lillia for me ur the coolest hero i ever met :D

    3. AW! *blushies*!! I know I know lol jks
      You are one of the coolest heroes I'VE ever met too! xD

  2. Justice Boy plays club penguin, he loves card jitsu!! I'd LOVE to battle someone with those csrds xD PS i have an idea: Maybe we can build a maze race at jetpack school the under construction place...??

      I really like the sound of a maze, that would be so fun!
      And you know what would be EVEN funner?
      Actually having a maze that you can work out with ur buds :D

  3. I used to play card jitsu, i loved it but i think when battle cards come out it will much better than card jitsu

  4. im telling this that trunksis mean


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