More Multiplayer Games in 2013

HEY GUYS! Lillia here,
Space Heroes Universe just tweeted that there's gonna be more BRAND NEW multiplayer games coming in 2013!! WOOT WOOT! you'll  be able to battle your friends in games more often this coming new year, and have a WHOLE lot more fun! Here's the tweet:
Comment the sorta multiplayer games YOU'D like online! 
NOT ONLY THAT... but next year the SHU Fanclub is coming back too! SO STAY TUNED, you don't wanna miss this! And if you haven't heard of the fanclub before, it's the ultimate SHU Blogging website! You'll just have to wait and see for yourselves ;)


  1. i want a kind of multiplayer games is................pie vs.waffle hehe and btw lillia what the fanclub?:/

    1. LOL!! nice idea! And to answer ur question it's an official blog made by the SHU team where they upload sneak peeks and their own 'hero of the week' and 'homepad of the week' :D

    2. OMG LILLIA THERES A BIT PPL IN MY PAD!:D and lillia whats the to prize if you win the comp?:/ and how to become a hero of the week and pad of the week?:/

  2. WELL I'm not quite sure what the prizes r, BUT they'll sure be good and a little surprise for us all ;)
    as for the hero and homepad of the week, those were chosen by moderators who posted those on the official SHU Fanclub (which is currently down) BUT it'll be back up in late this month :D


Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D