Im Coming on 2013 by Shawnz

Hello heroes! I heard Space Heroes Fansite is on Blog Nominees and Congrats Lillia. Sorry for not Posting on this Blog because Im working a Roblox Game. And Im Blogging many Blogs. I have a Club Penguin Blog too name Club Penguin Gaming. So i will Post / Back on Feb. 15 2013. Sorry!
P.S. You should change the Be a Hero of the Week and when you click it, It says How to be Hero of Wee


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  1. WOW AWESOME! Can't wait to see you posting back in action! :D
    BUT don't feel pressured that you HAVE to post regularly, just feel free to help out when you'd like to with all the posts and stuff, so there's no need to post when you're coming back!
    CAN'T WAIT!!
    OH AND, thanks for the heads up on the 'Hero Of the Week' bit :D


Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D