YO GUYS, Lillia here
So I put this off for a while because theres SOO many updates. Here's just a FEW of them! I have to say, there's a LOT more in store for NEW heroes (e.g. furniture, a SWEET new jetpack, pupki, bomber jacket, suit, ETC.!!) First of all, here's the AMAZING new homepage screen, which looks a WHOLE lot cooler B)
NEW HAIR STYLES!! AND suits... Make a new boy and alien hero to check them out ;)

 AND, which I personally think is the BEST bit, the awesome new suit and badge you are rewarded with!! :D

 ALSO, thought I should point this out... When you create a NEW hero, and edit your homepad, you get FREE FURNITURE! SCORE!

 Here's the new QUEST button, which I think is super cool! After all these updates, how COULD you get bored with the game! It's VIRTUALLY impossible xD

ALSO if you haven't completed a Quest, THESE randomly pop up once in a while:

 AMAZING NEW KRITTER SHOP UPDATE! Though I kinda miss getting the glows at Glowplanet, you no longer need to do that! All you do is just click 'GLOW ADOPTION'

 Here's what happens with a NEW hero when you click it:

 VIP Moonrock Club now open to EVERYONE! Non-members AND members!

 AND when you log out, you get this message (BUT I don't think the 'COOL' button is working yet)

 If you're new, THIS comes up! You get free stuff with this like furniture or clothing items! If you want these with your CURRENT hero, go HERE to find out how! :D
BOY, WAS THAT A LONG POST! I probably missed something, but I sure got the best bits ;) HAVE FUN Y'ALL! ~Lillia


Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D