Get PARTY FAMOUS on Space Heroes Universe

HEY THERE! Lillia here to being you some AWESOME news of a PAR-TAY!
So you've probably noticed there's been A LOT of people online lately because of all the awesome updates, AND ChocolateCheats achieved 1,000 VIEWERS! So basically, long story short, we're having a massive PARTY!!!! Not only this, BUT there are rumors that the moderators may be shooting a video at this time NOT CERTAIN but if they are, MAKE SURE UR ONLINE to be caught in the video! We'll be taking some AWESOME pictures to post on our websites ;) All the Chocolate-Cheats Team will be there EXCEPT fizz sadly :( to host it!
EXTRA TIMES... (if you're NOT Australian)
Philippines- Manila~ Monday 26th Nov at 1:30PM
England, London, UK~ Monday 26th Nov at 5:30AM
U.S.A, Washington~ Sunday 25th Nov at 9:30PM
New Zealand, Wellington~ Monday 26th Nov at 6:30PM
Brazil, Brazilia~ Monday 26th Nov at 3:30AM

 SO REMEMBER... PARTY HEROES SAY YO! (or maybe OPPA GANGNAM STYLE) :D Make sure your're there! PARTY ON~Lillia


  1. HAHAHA Check out Chocolate's pose in the picture! :') LOL

  2. Replies
    1. AWESOME! Thanks pookie can't wait to see you there! xD

  3. ahh i want to go what is it for americns

  4. Remember friends party?I wanna host another party!

  5. cool can't wait thanks for those extra times super useful

  6. See ya guys there in 15 minutes

  7. its done it was so cool we have a ballon party at the palaza it was soo cool

  8. HAHA THE PARTY JUST FINISHED, and I hope u loved it as much as I DID!!! Check it out HERE:
    AND, check out CHOCS pics! They're HILARIOUS!


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