Space Heroes Toys!

Heya Heroes! GREAT NEWS...
Space Heroes Universe is creating TOYS! They may not be out for a WHILE yet, as they're probably planning and designing them, but we'd love to hear ideas from you heroes out there as to what they should make toys OF e.g. soft toys, figurines, etc. HERE'S THE TWEET!
WOWZA! I'm totally getting the toys when they come out!! :D 
Hope you enjoyed the post!! ~Lillia


  1. Ooohhh ur good!
    I was just about to post that on here!
    I checked to see if anyone has posted about it yet on here, and there was nothing, so I started the post.
    I published it, then I saw on the list that YOU had just published it!

    1. HAHA LOL!! Soz bout that choc if I knew YOU were posting too, I would have let you have the honours xD


Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D