Change your Hero Name!

Most people already know this, BUT for those who don't... 
So your a member, and looking for a new change? Well, why not change your HERO NAME! It's totally easy, all you have to do is click the 'FEEDBACK' button on the login screen or Email the team saying what you'd like your new name to be!

AND best of all, you can do it as MANY times as you like, and you can always change it back! Unfortunately, only members can do this. My friend CHOCOLATE had her name changed to 'RainbowCow'! But don't be surprised if your friends get a BIT confused... CHECK THIS OUT!

Cool huh? If you have any questions, just comment below


  1. I used to be wisp now im wisp legend!

    1. yep totally true! SO many people are changing their name, I could name about 10 people... actually lulu changed her name to LILLIA and yeah that's a super awesome name and all xD, but it gets SOO confusing

    2. Hehe my sis sweety just changed her name to exactly 'Angel' and we dressed as twins, so Batman was like "Whoa" XD It is so fun!

  2. COOL!So that how to change names great i'm glad then!WOO HOO!


  3. This is UNFAIR, Only members getta do it :(

  4. well that was before not anymore i got hacked and now my names Ace Zombie And just because u cant do that anymore i want my name to be Fox Flame -Farzana-


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