Jetpack Jinx App

Hey guys, I discovered on Lol's Blog that Jetpack Jinx the up-coming game for Android and iOS might be released NEXT WEEK! Click HERE for the original post :) Here's a tweet from Paul Alex Gray~ (Xander on LSH)

Well, as you guessed, Xander is talking about Jinx! Jinx is one of Shadowbot's dastardly Nauts! The main goal of the game is to try to get Jinx back to space, which I'm guessing will be sorta similar to Little Space Heroes' Jetpack Adventure! AND here's a picture of the game, which can be found on their new Twitter account!
COOL HUH? I'm totally getting it when it comes out! Comment what you think about this AWESOME new game!


  1. Thanks for the credit Lillia, you have an amazing blog here!

    1. hey thanks Lol! TOTS the same to you!! xD You're blog ROX


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