Halloween Party ON NOW!

HEY GUYS, So after the Halloween Party has hit LSH, there's been a TON of updates, SOO I probably missed a few, BUT HERE THEY ARE!! (Warning... this is a seriously long post~ For some serious awesomeness)
Here's the Plaza and Coast!! SPOOKINESS!
 When you log on, you recieve this AWESOME new badge...
 AND, check out this new Camera function which allows you to well... take EPIC PICS!
 Check out this cool new catalogue: (I just couldn't help but to buy EVERY costume... SHOPPING SPREE!)

Here's the costumes in action:

It can be found in this NEW ROOM update, which allows you to use a 'Party Costumes Catalogue'! COOL HUH?
NOPE... THAT'S NOT ALL... A new game is out, EXCLUSIVE for Halloween! It's called Witches VS Zombies!! It can be found HERE In Plaza, and also in Coast!
 ALSO, If you LOVE mini games, well... it's MINI-GAMES-GALORE in the new Arcade at Coast!

P.S. Don't forget to get you're own GHOULISH GIFT!!
HOPE YOU ENJOYED THE POSTS! Till next time... 

READ MORE For the OTHER rooms decorated in Homeworld for Halloween :D

Bubble blaster park:
 Jetpack School:
 People's Homepads:


  1. i wish i was a member then to get the princess costume im trying everything i can to get it now but nothings working :(-imaginative niki.

  2. Margareth Elaine M. Herrera15 May 2013 at 21:02

    If iTs hErOwEeN eVeRy PlAcE iS dArK


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