Halloween Website Makeover

I got into the HALLOWEEN mood and gave my website a 'SPOOKY MAKEOVER', and it's not PERFECT, but hey! Halloween's coming, and that's AWESOME!! Totally worthy of a new website theme ;) Besides, the other one was getting a bit boring... SO ENJOY!!!
 AND in other news, A NEW AUTHOR for the LSH Fansite Team IS ON THE WAY!! ;) So get excited peeps, you'll just have to WAIT AND SEE! 


  1. OOH OOH!
    IS IT ARI!?!?!?!?!
    Lolz, jks!

  2. OMG WHO TOLD YOU?!?! Lol and in OTHER NEWS, we have reached 1,000 PAGE VIEWERS! WOOT WOOT!!!! I would like to thank my science teacher, for giving me the inspiration-LOL JOKES!!! But still soo happy that reached 1,000 viewers B)


Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D