Super Hero Party 2012

The mega awesome ‘Super Hero Party’ began on the 22nd of August 2012, and was one of Space Heroes Universe’s MAJOR parties… I have to admit, it was a HUGE HIT! The party was fully decorated and there were super hero outfits that even gave heroes SUPER POWERS like teleporting, turning people into ice, shooting bubble gum, and even being able to use a shrink ray! I also loved this party because it was TOTALLY unique to the game :D Here’s some pics:
The homepage:

 An EPIC drawing of the Super Hero party:

The plaza 

The Coast (The Hero Base)

 The TOTALLY FUN Bubble blaster park (Villian Headquarters)

TOTES AWESOME SUPER HERO COSTUMES! (You can't get these anymore: They were only on sale at the hero mart during the party)

Some of these in action: (CREDITS to Dannyal)

It was SOOO FUN!!! I totally loved it and I hope it comes back again next year xD It officially ended on the 9th of September, 2012!

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