Jungle Planet Party 2012

The Jungle planet party was filled with SO much fun and adventure! The party was released on the 13th of September 2012, and it was definitely a major party! BASICALLY because, three new kritterz were released (the Elephant, Bird, and Lion)and they released a new room with HEAPS of awesome games in it! (NOT including the temple room- that came later) SOO just so your not missing out, here’s some epic pictures!

The homepage (SO colourful, I might add)


Jungle planet decorations, INCLUDING the two new rooms that were released in this party: the Temple room, and the gaming room! :D

HERE'S the temple:

And the gaming room:

AND FINALLY, the 3 new kritterz that were released here! I think this was the MOST fun part: you had to actually discover them in jungle planet by using your blaster on trees and bushes to find them! (you CAN still do this :D)

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