Flash Back to the Past- BALD Heroes!

YO EVERYONE! Lillia here :)
The anniversary of Space Heroes Universe is coming up close, and I've been marveling at how far Space Heroes Universe has come since it's started! DID YOU KNOW... that every boy hero was bald for a year when the game started? Here's some pictures!
AND, take a peek at them eyes! The heroes didn't even have mouths either too, which is kind of creepy to think about now XD And the plaza and jungle planet were WAY different. Check this out:

There were also some pretty weird glitches. Maybe weird is an understatement. 
Now here's a challenge for you guys.. comment if you remember ANY of these pictures!
If you remember any of those pictures, then you've been playing for a pretty darn long time XD Do you guys remember the old 'Astros Pizza' place? Now.. here's the VERY FIRST banner that the Space Heroes Fansite ever used:
Yeah, that picture is pretty much ancient, so ancient that maybe even the dinosaurs were around when that banner was up! I hope you guys enjoyed this post :) I wanted to do something different and new and interesting for you all! Do you guys have any super old memories of Space Heroes Universe you've kept all these years? Comment below! ~Lillia


  1. I miss it!!! but the time when i stop play i retret!


  2. Great Post!
    I remember the bottom half of the four pics. Anyway SHU has come a long way. Many heroes have left, and now it is just Lillia from the original group of four heroes.

    But SHU hasn't changed much from March last year. I am looking forward to the parties, now that I am a Premium Member.

  3. Aww this is enough for me to cry :') I remembered the time when new heroes had to go to the academy for their Starjet, Jetpack and bubble Blaster! AND the time when I met all of you... Lil, Choc, Ann, Lol, Bats (naming a few :P) It was SO long ago and LONG story (hint: Dark)!

    My first hero name was 'Linlin' and when I heard you could change your name I turned my name into Dark Mist and then Watemelon and then Awesomeness and then Disco Girl and then yeah... Justice xD It was crazy!

    How long ago was that?! I can't remember -- two years in a half or almost three? :P

    I wished I joined SHU when it was still in Beta. The girl's Hairbands and Flowers and boy's Bald Heads just finished when I joined SHU. I continued to play because it was SUCH AWESOME FUN! :)

    I had so much fun playing this virtual game! I'm sure one day in the furture Space Heroes Universe will be the Best TOP 10 virtual game in the universe! SHU ROX :D

    1. Yes Justice... I remember my friend quit SHU Sonic......


    2. There is a lot of past but not much future.

  4. Lol I remember the map XD I actually was in Beta But it was this other hero, I forgot his login though Becuz I didn't play it for a year and played the next year in 2012, I really wish I could get the login back :( But I don't really care anymore Becuz that was only like 3 years ago :P And I did remember the Arcade, like before LSH/SHU was actually virtual :") Lol such nice memories :D

  5. when someone hired to work at Astros pizza and promised to pay me. i worked there for like A MONTH then realized that he was playing with my head -_- ......plus he still owes me za money.. -maximus

  6. yeah i remember i had bald hair i remember you could make it curly and straight and fluffy and you could style you could design its up to you its your bald haircut

  7. or you could chop it of when it was straight


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