Lightspeed Plutonium Being VERY rude

Hey Heroes

This guy really let Me, Justice Cameron and Athena be in tears. He was being extremely rude and was cyber bullying us which is not a good position to be in! He was saying to me Slug and greeny. I very clearly made a post about that which you can read again here:

He made us very upset and I did contact the moderators and hopefully this cyber bullying issue will be solved.

To Lightspeed Plutonium,

There is a specific rule going around the world the rule is treat others the way you want to be treated. Let me say one thing I posted this one both blogs. and and now loads of people will be starting to avoid you.

Face the consequences!

So heroes please stay away from this hero!



  1. I hate him he made me very upset thats why he doesnt have many friends

  2. Replies
    1. hes so crazy, why mods dont ban him?

    2. Brandon. you published your comment TWICE... xD

    3. Brandon Is The Cool One/ Lightspeed is the slug/ NO ONE BE RUDE TO BRANDON HES COOL!

  3. oh hey i am captain diamond in little space heroes please don't be angry but it was just a hacker so it wasn't him, i am following the rules i questioned him, hey..

  4. Hes Login is on a Site called BugMeNot!


Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D