Hey There SHU heroes!

I ( Brandon ) will now be making logos for heroes who would like them. You may order as many times as you like. I can't make like ANYTHING I use a website that is very good that provides me HTML codes! Also this is not random this is about helping heroes out :P.

Your Options of your logos are:

  • Skate
  • Burning
  • Fun
  • Keen
  • Molten Core ( My favorite! ) 
  • Gold Trim
  • Easy
  • Glowing Steel
  •  Alien Glow
  • Pimpin
  • Nova
  • Princess Writing
  • Comic Writing ( Very Popular!)
  •  Glowing Hot
So those are your options! When you request you must include your SHU name and your email address!

An example logo:
This is Alien Glow
When you give your SHU name that would be Logo and your email the image would be sent to it!



  1. Cool Brandon! :D I'd love one but these days I'm working hard on writing and studying so I won't be able to go on...
    Btw nice posts! You have learned a lot! I see your vocabulary has improved! You speak better English than me...

  2. SWEET! great work brandon :) and i just wanna say a special thanks for looking after the blog, your posts are AMAZINGLY AWESOME

  3. Thx Lillia and I can't believe I am getting all these types of credits from u TEENS and I am only 8!


Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D