The Party- Results

Hey guys Brandon here with some birth-tastic NEWS!

The party was a HUGE success it lasted for almost and HOUR! I had so many gifts! Hint hint noli! So yeah the party was amazing they got me so many like on my homepad and it was like the best party I have ever had!

Here are the most people who I saw first attended:

Cool right?!

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  1. It looks great! Sorry for the confusion Brands, but if you want to come back to Space Heroes Essential Handblog, dont hesitate to email me at

  2. Its looks like fun! Too bad I couldn't come. Maybe I can come to one of your parties in the future.

  3. Ok, I might be having a party about opening a blog called its not good coz I just started.


  4. AWW! Sorry I did not came brandon it was 11:00 pm at my place when the party started and I have to go to bed. I know what all of you did there... all were dancing and laughing emote and all said these.. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PARTAY!" and they gave you more like more than 10 gifts and if I am wrong delete my comment. Dont worry I have a new site too and no one is commenting. I'll make an awesome banner.

    1. Its ok I know how it feels you need to do other things in ur life and every single bit of that is correct I had like 16 gifts ( Hint Hint Noli ) ! It was awesome


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