Careful When Using HTML

Hey Guys!

Today, I was chatting to my dad about using the laptop and he taught me so many things! He also told me that NEVER enter a wrong HTML code into your browser because if you do it once 3...2...1... Boom there goes your PC (browser) so to be on the safe side download at LEAST 2 browsers so if it happens you still got your other browsers. It will totally wreck your browser so DO NOT TRY IT!

Here are my browsers
1 is Internet Explorer and the other one is "Mozzila Firefox" There is another one I know, it is called Torch!

Be Careful Heroes!



  1. Guys please don't try and have a go at this (ESPECIALLY WHEN ON A PUBLIC COMPUTER!!!) because you do not know what will happen... Maybe it can be even worse than a Trojan!

  2. Hey Brandon! Thanks for the warning but please don't post random things on the site :)

    1. He's just trying to tell us

  3. I don't think something wrecking ur browser is random

  4. i use google chrome it is safe tell it is safe i am haro in shu i am on level 23 with out membership i never havwe membership

  5. I use chrome firefox and opera so im safe! Thanks for the advice Brandon!


Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D