'Sorry...' From the SHU Hackers

HEY HEROES so awkward these days on SHU :D

I just wanna quickly share this: it is also posted on Space Heroes Essential HandBlog, which you can see by clicking here

Hey heroes... I just wanna say sorry for being in random heroes accounts. This includes Super Ann, Batman, Diego Leila, Maccy (A fake mod XD) etc. Here is a list of other people who have been in heroes accounts:

Me (Denise)

From us to you... we are..SORRY!!!!! 

I did not do anything bad in the heroes though. (I'M TOO NICE) I am sorry to all the people who's accounts I have been in. Note for Justice: I didn't do anything in your account. I don't know the username. Justice this is me Brandon I don't know your username too so please don't think its me

To everyone: I guess I got a little carried away... I'm sorry if I done this the wrong way.. I've always though "We don't choose what we do next, God does.." So, no one can blame me..  

What do you think? It is said that she is truly SORRY about everything!

Comment below!
~Justice Girl (REAL ONE) I'm still hacked though :'(


  1. JG WAI DX now everyones gonna hate meh :C

    1. Noones gonna hate you! Apologizing is good and you will feel good what you have done it :)

  2. i never wanted to say sorry im taking my revenge

    1. Bro, Ya might like hacking but its sooooo bad! Coz when I got to be an author on this blog I asked Lillia politely and said "I hope this doesn't pester you but do you mind if I become an admin on this blog?" She said "Sorry No because your a hacking target so now I have realised all the bads in hacking so now I have fully quitted.


Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D