New Update - HERO STORE and NEW FLAG!

Hey heroes, Justice here with another Space hero update! :D
For some people they might have already experienced the 'Hero Shop' button on the homepage plus a flag change in the 'Languages' button. :)

So in this link below it shows you that the is now in the 'Hero Shop' button on the Homepage of Space Heroes Universe. :) You will see it on the hot bar with 'Play Now!' on the very right side. 

Many of you might have also experienced that the English flag in the 'Languages' button has changed also. :D

This year 2014, Space Heroes Universe has been getting BIGGER and BETTER! Continue your space hero's adventure as you may meet many more upcoming updates!

Party your til the clock strikes four!
- Justice Girl 

Reminder: Don't forget to go online and check out the hero-tastic Ace and Kira Plush Toys! ;) 

>>After ordering your plush, you will receive it and there will be a tag attached to it with a secret promo code you can type in the Promo Wizard 2000 on SHU to earn rarity<< 

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  1. Justice this is like the 4th time you put pictures up that are made by me and the issues are

    1. I don't give you permission
    2. You do not give me credit

    So be careful next time in future!



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